The icicle dangles its raucous 3 month old body over the backdoor and people still use it I can’t even look without that brain-skewering moment difficult then to pull out of my head I often contemplate ending it all with a shovel I never do I think it’s because I grew up in a rough … More DAMOCLES


strewn acorn apple smacks intent hairy citizen red in aforementioned face hairy muscles his feet beyond the brakes hairy gets out hairy looks hairy gets back in hairy finds an appropriate place to park hairy gets back out hairy presses a button blip blip you almost hit my wife he says routing the fence children … More DEICTIC


There’s no one alive who remembers the secret entrance to Courtney’s house from Tomlinson park. When your origin is secure like this God gives you permission to start your killing spree.


getting the flap around the eye involves yucky unsticking and resticking staring until hurt wets the edges plucking it with your fingers yucky to think about the air surrounding the brain that is yours doctors talking about it pointing at it with pens which then go in their mouths yucky to think about food it … More BONE APETIT