Belt too tight.
Temperature crammed to top of the flushed tits with people smell.
Carpet silence exhalating windows.
Wont come down and just sit and seat.
Eats coins no belts no opening the doors.
The mouth the eyes the ears the.
Engine blown speakers teetering on.
Fire over the edge of the cliff sailing.
Ninety miles an hour gore shooting well.
Over the line while desperately trying to dial.
It back realizing this.
Ripe waiting.
Accident to happen train so happens to be.
Right for me?


My fault really. I was in the backseat.
My surroundings began to look to me suddenly.
Like, I should leave.
These are exactly the people who used to be the people I truly know!
Watching the new owners as they learn the controls.
Making the hairs stand up one by one.
You’ve been on a rollercoaster before.
Not me.
Four grapes in a jug.
Bouncing around all self-conscious.
Passing through the windows everyone’s wearing.
Just the lamest facial expression.


Use a worn and damaged ladder.
Paint it (this hides imperfections).
Use it as a platform because as most people don’t know a ladder is designed with vertical and not horizontal strength.
Use it on a scaffold to reach the really high winds.
Put a step ladder on top of that first ladder in a lightning storm.
Stand on the top shelf and the extreme tips of your toes and, making use of every pixel of your height, try to touch your freedom.
Arrange for multiple people to be with you on your ladder at the same time.
Lean the top of the ladder against glass on an especially cold day, chasing the tiny cars and people below with the stupid cloud of your breathing.
Give it a chance to sink in.

Leave the ladder unattended overnight.
Try these steps again tomorrow.


Day from day, see you from I’m pleased.

Girl from school.

Day from blank.

Know you from it was sweet!

Know what your inscape feels like from specifically, and from keep you, and from happy.

Marked from birth.

Limb from limb.

Tell your parents where your body is from who’s going?


Hit the right side of head. Cut middle knuckle on left hand thumb getting off forklift while overextending right hand thumb. Cut left index finger. Removed bandages, slipped and hit left elbow on the ground. Neck strain and the top back pains. Left ring finger January 15th, 2015. Pinched left index finger (refused ice pack and used snow). Swollen left thumb: hit it with hammer. Burn left shin while welding a shaft and splatter lands on the pants. Oxzonol! Sliver. Needle. Upper back to hips sore from moving heavy frame down off the wagon. Old injury.

While cleaning a gun fell down and hit the head, leaving a cut cleaned and bandaged wound. Fell twice closing south gate – fell on right hand, shoulder, hip, head. Complaining of being dizzy weak. Puked blood. Left in ambulance. Dust/debris went into eyes (not crying). Felt tingly sensation in left arm. While cleaning a cart by laying it on its side, squished and scraped left wrist. Was hammering a “flat-bar” in order to make a “shim” that was required to complete a “job”. Middle back in great pain possibly from lifting ice pack. Pain in right wrist from repetitive job. Left hand in stitches with gauze sticking out. While buffing in weld shop, got a metal sliver deep inside left arm. The nerve. Fell down on floor after hitting a header walking backwards to avoid a forklift swollen and cut on the forehead.

Comes into Security “not able to breathe”. Cut it picking up steel. Saw cut edge of right index finger, fell off chair and fully bent both knees causing swelling. 3 ice packs. Moving a sign that fell just as his wrist left 4 ice packs. Anti-Splatter in the right eye. 4 little cockatiel bites on left finger as the bird was caught flying around the shop. 3 or 4 ladders overextended left thumb trying to put a bolt on but the bolt slipped no first aid given. Slipped on a magazine that was lying near the clock doors face first. Welding pinched other finger, swelling and painful. Cat hair got in right eye. 2X ice pack: took them and did not give a reason. Was put in a small forklift and hit a bump in the yard then top of head on the ceiling of the forklift. Cleaning with windex and got dust in eyes. Rinsed with optrex.

While picking up parts partner hit him in the ear. Comes in with a nose bleed and asks to have blood pressure taken. Overstretched thumb while holding up an oily object. One ice pack. Continuously working the same job twisting his right arm. Severe stomach pain to top of stomach and dizziness. Bee sting on right palm. Buffer wheel spun out of hand and struck left wrist causing a bleeding scalp. A cutter bar hit left knee and forehead. A part fell over and struck right knee causing it to bend awkwardly. Dropped tire on left knee cap. Received no first aid. The reel hit him in the left side of the face cheek. Left elbow at home. Left foot burning off the tip. Turned and hit left hand against a piece of metal. Ice pack. Forklift knocked over screw, struck crane hoist, crane fell and hit the left hand shoulder neck area. Defibrillator.



The boy is forced to stay because ancient human tradition.
Finds a place to sit.
Loops the leash around his ankle.
The boy calls the dog boy, it’s weird.
The dog is bewildered about what to do with its hands here.
It’s not what the boy can feel it’s what?
The boy cannot feel.
His pores fill with grass tips and he doesn’t move to scratch them.
He doesn’t want to leave but he knows he should want to leave.
So he leaves: he gets ready to leave.
First of course he must pray ten times to the anus of the dog.
Get on his knees and start literally praying for shit in public.
Doesn’t matter what he does.
He could be on fire right now.
The leash is hot pink remember.
He needs to leave before they leave he suddenly understands.
The boy is confounded by a wall of futility the exact spacial dimensions as his imagination.
Some would flinch and discard eons to savage self-flagellating.
The boy yanks the nearest door: c’mon boy you can shit at home.
So the dog gets to feel unfairly deprived of ancient canine tradition.
In addition to the requisite pangs of peristalsis interruptus.
And a seemingly unprovoked onslaught of violent leash-pulls.
The dog acquiesces with nary a whimper.
Determining meanwhile to ne’er again defecate.
As long as he lives one sleek, seamless revenge against the boy already compacting into an unpassable horseshoe.
The process as uncomfortable as it is permanent.
The dog tries to keep its visage loose and tonguey as per the usual.
So as not to pique suspicion, though the discomfort intensifies exponentially.
With every step the dog is also somehow don’t ask me.
Aware of the ultimate finitude of steps.
Their diminishing nature.


The boy is forced to stay because his incipient libido.
Ties the dog to a stake, stabs hard into the earth and then hops.
Smack into the center of the coetaneous girls’ conversation.
Chooses one: says ultra-earnest, peering: you are.
Hypostatically breathtaking.
Please don’t phagocytize me the boy says fag a what you.
The girl says I have no idea what that’s supposed to mean.
You’re a nerdy-cryptic type; possibly gay; I have two already.
I’m still missing a man-who-takes type, and a.
The boy tries right then to kiss her the wind whistling betwixt his front teeth.
She slaps him and her friends slap him continuously until he ceases.
And desists all vestiges of trying: just sort of stands there waiting and leaning quietly.
This is exactly what’s wrong with men these days the woman says rising to her feet.
You can’t just take what you want because you want to and you can.
Women are people too, haven’t you heard?
It’s this new thing: you can only take what you’ve paid for!
When I said I need a man who takes earlier I meant a man who makes.
Sometimes I get my words mixed up she says adjusting her bra.
Meantime the dog has coiled itself into a life-threatening situation with the leash.
Restricting 93% air flow and non-telepathic communication.
The dog closes its eyes and thinks tightly: help me bro I drown.
Amid the throbs of plenary endo-suffering for canines there exists the hilariously impossible realization.
Of humor inherent to the dog’s next thought-statement when viewed from a particular perspective.
My life is at stake.
The dog can’t quite grasp it though it paws like mad.
The message travels a short distance before evaporating unlistened to.
And the sound of its disassembling is identically the sound.
A pillow makes when you’re trying to sleep?
Apparently the metal clips the girls were wearing in their hair.
Converted the transmission into languagey flotsam.
The girls have meanwhile exposed the boy’s appendage and are laughing at it openly the boy.
Closes his eyes, thinks tight blue thoughts.


The boy is forced to stay because the dog.
There is something here that needs to be examined fuller.
It isn’t right what they’re doing; they shouldn’t be allowed to do it.
I wouldn’t want the reverse: wouldn’t want what they have.
It’s bad for everyone our bodies are designed to agree.
Do you know what I’m saying ruff ruff.
The dog leans hard against the leash.
The boy knows perfectly well what the dog is getting at.
And he agrees: it’s broken, sure, but how to fix it?
The system is shaped so.
The system maintains its inertia, it’s the only one that does a miracle.
One hundred percent of the time they only need a few of us.
The boy is firmly planted in his theology.
Yet the dog is not swayed.
It wasn’t always like this and it can go back, bark, back.
I don’t believe any of this can remain unaffected.
It’s simply a combination of muscles and eyes; trust me I’ll show you.
At this the dog brandishes a purple erection.
The boy, for his part, is displeased but not crestfallen.
He only pulls tighter on the leash controlled studies have been done.
The dog squints back at him but double blind studies double.
Blind studies the boy’s already yelling the evidence is axiomatic at this point: you’re full of shit.
The dog cranes its neck and grins with a pause for effect.
I told you I can’t while you’re looking.
Then laughs so hard it cries and can’t breathe.
Aching its ribs and throat-lining and peeing its feet to hysterically pitiful wheezing.
Well let’s go then the boy said, eyeing the air with impatience.
The dog cannot so much as swallow its own spit.
A single ameoba embarks on a journey across the conjunctival lining of the dog’s eye–which eye is it?–and enters the visual ambit.
And the dog is actually seeing it.
The infinitesimal propellers!
Once it collapses into the grass the boy lands perfectly on its ear with both feet.
Instantly the doctor says snapping its neck.
Meaning it didn’t suffer.