the muscles I needed
 to descend the stairs
     safely I guess


Who wants a friend
ship turning into something
that can hold water?


Going to school all collected, my backpack where my back is? Both straps on they can call me
what they wanna. Please lets definitely talk about every subject and all, save one, till nine thirty

thats my Chem class. Im mindful of my posture, every affiliated muscle going hipshot for the making fun of
the days’ homosexuals. If only they could see how my shoes are tied: so unlike my regular configuration!

And why the change they couldve asked me sweeping a calm hand thru my roots, eyestabbing the wall clock I dont need
preamble. I need the mindset of: this is my love for you! Not whats been done to death on the news or whats obvious–Im aware

of the good I do and for whom, and Id like them to know this. Tits. You are my pure friends almost saying that
entering the room, closing the door weirdly. The prof encourages the rest of the class to look at me blushing

what? Its my first day I sit the bag still on as people reopen the door fanning
the flame I feel eyes but especially thoughts on the bag and why is it still with me? Hello? I wont allow a single

chemistry. I decided that one over Suga Crisp–another of my mignon kindnesses. Hoping for stragglers I
see the guy posture up ready to address the class butterflies

throwing open their heinous wings I yell Teach! my whole skin abuzz and my eyes wet already.
Um yes he asks the room

feels surprised and oddly expectant I brought something for you! my voice is so strong Im pulling it out of the
people looking at me pulling their friends from friends to be the ones pointing at it in their minds years later maybe

when they think they might remember it its brightly colored wires combed
calm around its singular thought like a gentleman. Sits down on the desk

carefully with a thud. Dont you think its time we finally talk
about all the violins in our video games?