Stretching is becoming a ritual for me–the the ritual for me. It feels so good, the heightening. People treat you with respect because they can sense that your fluids are loose. If you get into a fight, your bones will be bouncy and you will win; they know this by looking at you. If you … More Sciamachyne


     In the beginning was Yawnpelt and nothing else; and as the bored gaze of Yawnpelt was hovering out over the gazeable distance one morning it happened to bump some kid taking slapshots on an empty net. And the name of the kid was Bashobeam, and Yawnpelt saw that he was good. And Yawn … More Shinny


I was pissed when my phone didn’t wake me. I looked down at it and shook it and was like fuck and I threw it down hard on the bed. Then I picked it up and it was my friend Jay texting me. He’s like what’s the matter I said it’s my phone! My phone’s … More Monologue


Yeah? Well Roflower has now has has now hass has a barand new R980GAUGE4P9WEJTIPP90LT53P9CTRFULLYAUTOMATIC machine gun! Whats that you say? Roloflower cant quite make ouBLAMBUHBUHBLAMBLAMAHAHAH- big holes in the wall! *WHIRRRRR* *CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK* Haha says rolflower, slumping into her bean bag chair. Yeah. Things are going to change around here starting right now. … More Yeah?


Finally he let go and it was just her hand again when she looked at it, only turned around and in the shape of a fist. Unclenched, it revealed a single candy in a plastic wrapper; a shiny red ball. She took a long time looking at it, and at her reflection in it, the … More 77X42

IL. Lie

n, you okay? buddy? Lien. Lien can you hear me buddy? You alright? Can you open your eyes for me? Can you open your eyes for me Lien? Lien? Lien I need you to listen to the sound of my voice—-can you hear me Lien? Nod your head if you can hear me, would ya … More IL. Lie

The Frangipani Tree

The orchid mantis protects the Frangipani tree with neon limbs and stillness. And not talking all the time about its hate and not talking at all ever. So if you’re headed over to the blossom to sip the nectar or sniff the nectar, you better be faster than the fastest thing you can think about … More The Frangipani Tree