Are you sure you’d like to use your last life lime? Of course not Meredith, but what choice do I have? Very well then. Will you take it with tequila? Meredith of course I will take it with tequila.

Cold Hard Cash

Behold these boulevard trees, their fingers and long inhuman toes. Cruising through the floor in search of that which is moist. Often encountering the rude obstinacy of autochthonous bedrock, these are feet forced to compromise, to form relationships. Keep like a vein on an ankle: always smiling. Some water the earth demands for its services; … More Cold Hard Cash


The cell phone back open.The back of the cellphone open.Opened as the rear of the cellphone.Having opened the back of the cellphone.The cell phones backs open, open it.If phonely the back of this cell were open. Open the damn cell phone.Here is the cellphone: open it.This cellphone needs to be opened now.Try with all your … More CRANK CALLERS