pain brings deer
as wax rings ear

as earrings hear
and peerings blear
as tear rings clear
pain brings deer here
dear pain as deer

pain fear and wax
deer peer and relax



I am calming, I am calm, Im calm.

Im not thinking about it.

Im strolling.

The air is out here with me and I am breathing it.

Meticulously do I fill my lungs.

Ditto empty; calmful.

I see a car and am exhaling mutely.

The car is just a car–its parked.

Calm as grapefruit, the world awed by my calm and calmed by it.

My bag over my shoulder is as heavy as a bottle of wine.

I cant smell.

Im walking in the area of this thought: I stop myself and think elsewhere.

There is a car; this is the car; this is me calm.

Im so calmed by the facts.

Fact one Im in great physical shape.

Fact two this is Dinkypeg Manitoba.

Im bending over to tie my sneakers.

Fact three sneakers.

My looking abouts are exactly insoucient.

Im just going to do it, get it over with.

I pull the hugest lungful of my life.

This is my life.

This is my, life. My life Ill do as I please let me.

Get away with this.

Limpid as placid as relaxed as the fuck.

I am standing

I am unzipping my bag.

Im pulling it out.

Im holding it.

My calm.