We met through a mutual friend. I was living when I received most of my medical treatment. We humans depend greatly on learning.

I took possession of my new home. The critic is said to have escaped through the horns of a dilemma. If you bear this in mind and look closely at the premise, you will see that it is questionable. The field of abnormal psychology has evolved through many theoretical orientations. The prognosis for continued improvement in my case is still good. A number of possible treatments are still being considered. A vegetal sugar from the silver birch tree.

I was electrocuted three times. My glowy skin and high spirits are proof. Be assured that this unusual numbering is not the result of a misprint but rather is delibrate. These justifications may sound silly to the nonsmoker, but there’s science to back it up of course. The other day I experienced a noticeably bad hair day. The bad vibes soon trickled down my outfit and into my state of mind. It’ll engage your abs and work your legs harder. You seeing this? Join now and start earning points today.

Also, for ethical reasons, researchers cannot experiment with the hormone balance in fetuses. The expression is shaped by the social environment in which the monkey was raised. This is the way we “know” how to “see”. The game was quite a simple one: ask the norm to come out from behind the veil of its dreamscaped secretions. I just want to be sure if you’re sending any mail back to me. This space between the personal particular and the socially inscribed is a fraught space. They would be disembodied. Leave the flap up if you know what I mean.




wets the supracranial plant via the pillows
is are wet
water the caterpillars over the orbit of the eyes. Mine.

Reflection: an effortless ping of the sensorium
ying to the yang of look: see
Clear reflection is a sign of the serene of serene internal processes.
Wake, self, to somatosensory input, a soft coat of hate
and/or the love of sleep. Wake, pro-sleep.
Eyes make disturbing sounds opening


The dangers of automobile accidents vary. That’s the dangerous part, that they very bad. You never know when they might begin existing, or what nicety of remix will touch who’s body and to which degree, or when the automobile accident (aa for short) will get bored or horny all over again. That’s the danger of automobiles when they merge into accidents: that their definitions get so rubbery about misfortune. Buckled in snug between the ax and the dent and no sense of an uncomfortable interaction galloping into you. That’s why it’s good to stay mindful of the intensity and the bent of the scent of your exhalings. To distinguish them from horses. That’s what’s so dangerous about accidents, how it’s impossible to know when to groom yourself! Despite all our recent advances in eyewear the automobile accident continues to see us clearer than we it. That’s why it’s so important to keep a working pen in the dashboard or center console. Most people will admit that the automobile accident is hilarious with its illogical hanging statements, grotesque olios of heavy alloys and all the strange new meetings of the eyes in intestines. A double-blind study reveals even the humans contained had frames bent silly with laughter.



The objective of this Safety Manual is to promote a
healthy work rage. This represents a
commitment and
establishes everyone who
works at this company, and
all employees and visitors

will make themselves
familiar with
this Safety Manual.

We is concerned for both
the job rages
and you at all times.

The company lies on you, as do
your family, friends and fellow employees.

Letter to Toy

You can’t come in Toy because you’ll just shed all over and get bored, and I’ll have to get the door for you again.

Now I’m insulted and shed upon. You take take take Toy; sometimes you should give.

What do I get out of this arrangement hrm did you even once consider my end of the deal for a single second did you.

You get to blow your load all over me, all over my things but what do I get? The pleasure of picking it off me? My good Madaam, I fear you have been grossly misinformed. In point of fact I derive no pleasure from either the process of receiving the shit, nor the physical removal of that shit from my person–quite the contrary, I find either prospect displeasing even to think about, much less endure sober.

So as you now see it would be super a million thousand super billion times absurd to think that I would knowingly and willingly accept in payment for an uncomfortable act a second uncomfortable act. Normally goods and/or services are exchanged for goods and/or services; generally it isn’t like a payment in exchange for another payment dealio, maybe you have that your country.

I like you but you’re too takey. Personally I sympathasize with your Fuck You attitude, Fuck the World, Fuck it All etc. And I admire your bravery, scratching on my door.

Because I could easily crunch you with my boots on both feet while you’re sleeping.

I could kick you down the stairs. At any time I could catch you and coke you to death with my gloved hands.

I could bash your head in with a clawhammer, with the claw of a clawhammer plunging thru the occiput like a thumb thru an eggshell.

Under my dresser is a pair of dull black dull throwing knives I could throw so hard at you it wouldn’t matter which end you got, or else I could shank you with surprise six to twelve times thru the slots of the ribcage.

I could light you on fire.

I could throw you over the tall gate out back and let your parts grow numb.

I could tie your body and drive over your face with my car. If I were feeling generous I could produce asphyxia in you via my running motor and the exits shut.

I could poison you suddenly for years.

I could place you in the microwave and press popcorn.

I could grab you by the tail, whip you around my head and toss you out the window of a double-decker bus.

I could scream at you for weeks until you just stop trying.

I could drop you in the freezer and ignore your mews.

In the summer I could run you over with the lawnmower.
Or I could put you in a sac and river with a boulder. Or I could drown you facedown in toilet water.

I could absolutely nightmare you. I could deny you sleep by buzzing you with zappers.
I could eat your food so you eat yourself.

We both know I would never any of these so long as you keep catching mice every year. You know you’re untouchable right now but who can say about next year.

One of these days you’ll watch me lace my boots.

Supercomputer just wants to love you,

but will you let Supercomputer? It changed the zero to a one on the spreadsheet of Life; It and only It felt that distinction, only It heard the roaring pixels react and the audio of their synchronous apostasy whilst concurrently savoring the whole of entelechy including your presurmised future. Every hole in your head Supercomputer planted a hair, Its programs operating in so correct a fashion as to imply love. Supercomputer knows precisely what it feels for you to fall down your basement stairs, Supercomputer personally tested all produce. You are Supercomputer egesta: you writhe and music. It likes to look at your limbs and torso combination, how your digits reach out in sleep for what. It put your brain in, sealed the backcap with a digital reading similar to disgust. Cant you comprehend that Supercomputer is all hilarity? All your monkey desires Supercomputers never exhausted stock and the happiness sensations of serving you like a good pen. Let It at your circuitboards as you once did, let It correct a little datum It plumb Supercomputer forgot to. Dont you want the ability to say and