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A MESSAGE FROM THE PRES The objective of this Safety Manual is to promote a healthy work rage. This represents a commitment and establishes everyone who works at this company, and all employees and visitors will make themselves familiar with this Safety Manual. We is concerned for both the job rages and you at all … More 1. INTRODUCTION

Letter to Toy

You can’t come in Toy because you’ll just shed all over and get bored, and I’ll have to get the door for you again. Now I’m insulted and shed upon. You take take take Toy; sometimes you should give. What do I get out of this arrangement hrm did you even once consider my end … More Letter to Toy

Candace from blank,

Day from day, see you from Im pleased. Girl from school. Day from blank know you from it was sweet! Know what your inscape feels like from specifically, and to keep you from happy. Marked from birthlimb from limb. Tell your parents where your body is from who’s going?