1. No more coke.

2. Encourage the chicken into freshly knifed cubes.

3. Have to sanitize this shit because bacterias get in your salmonella too seriously, and see what I’m doing what to what? What are these?

4. One ton noodles.

5. Wash or don’t. I don’t. Care I mean. What you do I mean. Whether you wash or not I mean.

6. Mix. Now, marry-make for a time.

7. Flesh is prefurable.

10. Inconclusive. The more food typically freezes it all? Maximum three days. It also snacks more than it eats light, lots, or vice-versa, and personally I hate breakfast.

11. Widely dump into the all-the-way preheated pan and apply lid. Meantime deshrimp the thaw, being careful not to overthink it.

12. Leave for five minutes on middle class. Wait for it. OK, now come back and you can jacket a gleamy high.

14. It’s better with salt. Greated, greated salt.

15. Beside the pan should be a pot with water and behaving smokeyly. Transfer it to the element the pan was/is on, depending when you read and/or read this. Now, transfer the pan to an off element, having used only California Style© vegetables this whole time.

16. I do.

17. Boil and Fry! Don’t call them “goals” call them “scores”. Portion, not preserve.

18. OK, preserve.


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