Stretching is becoming a ritual for me–the
the ritual for me. It feels so good, the heightening?
People treat you with respect because they can sense
your fluids are loose. If you get into a fight, your bones
will be bouncy and you will win; they know this by looking at you,
at your body. It’s a pigment in the skin, like a flush?
If you miss with your left hand, it will just bounce off the wall
and come back to you. Then you will have it again.
If your enemy punches your head, it will hurt their hand a bit,
and your head will just wobble calmly on your neck like
those steel balls that click together on the desks of the
purportedly powerful except therell be no click for you,
just one glossy motion of eager tendon, plus
a skeletal system that really forgives. Eventually
your whole face will return to it’s normal position;
when this happens, you will be pleased to find that
you have typically retained more brain cells
than you could typically have hoped to have retained beforehand,
and all of it through the use of stretching.


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