In the beginning was Yawnpelt and nothing else.
Except for the sleepy gaze of Yawnpelt which was hovering out over the gazeable distance. Suddenly it bumped into some kid taking slapshots on an empty net. And the name of the kid was Bashobeam, and Yawnpelt saw that he was good. And Yawn said unto him, “Let me play alongside you”, and he did; and they played through morning and evening–the first day.

On the second day they said “Let us find for ourselves a goaltender who is likewise as good as we, that together we may enter tournaments and wax our skill and win the prize money whereby we may live independently from the houses of our fathers. Furthermore, let us select a name for us whereby we may be known to others and whereby we may ourselves refer to ourselves in the future.” And they agreed that they would be called Yawnbeam, and departing to their respective schools they began to proclaim the good news.


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