IL. Lie

n, you okay? buddy? Lien. Lien can you hear me buddy? You alright? Can you open your eyes for me? Can you open your eyes for me Lien? Lien? Lien I need you to listen to the sound of my voice—-can you hear me Lien? Nod your head if you can hear me, would ya Lien? Lien I know you can hear me buddy, come on now I need you to hang on for me mister, can you do that? Huh? Can you do that for me Lien, can you hang on be a soldier for me try to stay in the light? Lien? Come on buddy. Come on and open your eyes for me, let me know you can hear me. C’mon Lien.
That’s it, Lien, that’s it. That’s it buddy there you go. Hello there Lien, can you hear me okay? Flutter your eyes if you can hear me. There you go. Lien listen to me pal—-look at me, look at me. You’ve been in an accident. An ambulance is on its way, ok?, you’re going to be fine, believe me buddy you’re going to be A-OK in no time. I just need you to stay calm and listen to my voice. I’m right here I’m not going anywhere buddy we’re going to get you fixed up and back on your feet in no time; don’t worry about a thing. Just breathe buddy that’s right I got you. I’ve seen much worse. Much worse than you you hear me? I’ve seen guys with legs blown away by landmines. Ok? And if those guys can make it so can you Lien, that’s for sure. Hey. Ok now.

Shh, shh, no. No don’t try to talk buddy just relax for now. Save your strength. Don’t worry about any what? What’s that? Just don’t worry about a thing Lien! Whatever it is I’m sure it will all get sorted out. I called your mom and she’ll be there to meet you at the hospital. It’s all going to work out believe me. Look I think I hear sirens!

No, no—-don’t try to get up Lien—-Lien, listen to me you’ve lost a lot of blood you need to keep still. Just sit tight with me and wait for the paramedics, which will be arriving shortly. I’m pretty sure I heard sirens, they’re probably circling around now. Yeah I know you think you’re ok but you’re not. Lien, buddy, I need you to stay like this lying down—-can you do that for me buddy? Let’s just wait for the paramedics to make sure nothing else bad happens to you, ok? You don’t want to get your blood all over my carpets do you? Haha. No, we don’t want that! So just sit tight, they’ll be here any seco


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