Becky being the somewhat newb

she somewhat was was unfamiliar with the code for wild animal in the store, so over the P.A. system she said:

“Um, theres a deer in aisle twelve. Deer in aisle twelve.”

Then she shrugged, not being paid enough for this.

Darryl heard the announcement and preceded warily to the aisle mentioned, armed with incredulity and a slightly damp mop: sure enough there was a prime buck antlers glinting in the powerful fluorescents, trying to deshelf a bag of toilet paper from the top rung.

Its square dumb teeth keep sliding off the plastic bag, and coming together loud and gross with a click that must hurt it.

For quite some time Darryl watched the size of the animal saying nothing.

The store should be shut down, its people evacuated and professionals telephoned, but before any of this Darryl would have to inform the shift supervisor.

No one gets evacuated says the Super, business as usual just get that thing out of my store (he could be so preposterous because he was aware that, contrary to the estimation of newb Becky, this particular grocery store paid quite well when compared to the average, and offered a fairly impressive benefit package that nobody wanted to fuck with).

But how, goes Darryl.

I dont care just dont kill it / get killed. Or if youre going to kill it for godsake dont make a mess on my floors.

So incredulous Darryl rounded up his own incredulous self (looking down at his own hands as if betrayed by them) along with incredulous Filimon and Steve incredulous, arming each with their own mop, and approaching the animal from a unified front. Darryl noticed it kept an eye on them but didnt take its teeth off the toilet paper. This was interesting. When they saw the animal was not afraid Filimon poked it tentatively in the ribs with his mop.

The hart turned its scary aciculaed head, snorted once sending ripples up the flesh of all three confronters before cautioous resumption of its toothing of the toilet paper. An arrogant display of its low opinion of them, the animal didnt even bother to keep an eye on them it turned its back, swinging the bag like dog in its mouth.

Back you yelled Darryl more for his own courage; the sound of his voice also serving confidence to his cohorts.

Back I say! Darryl risked a stronger nudge to the flank.

At this the buck swiveled its entire body to face them.

It lowered its mahogany weapons and cuffed the floor like a moose. Fuck this said



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